Stock Photos

Licensable affordable stock images available from the PicFair photo marketplace (

Licensing details

Three types of licenses are available for stock images.

Editorial License

Editorial photographs are images that tell stories, document an event or depict a real-life issue. Editorial photographs can be used along with text to help illustrate the subject of a story. Editorial photographs often illustrate newsworthy subjects in the areas of business, politics, travel, culture, entertainment and sport.

Editorial photographs appear in newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites, textbooks, essays, documentaries, news reports and editorial feature articles.

However, editorial photographs cannot be used commercially or in advertising for which a model and/or a property release is required. If an unreleased image contains copyrighted logos or recognizable branding it can only be used for editorial purposes.

Photographs taken at events or certain locations may also require a pass or accreditation. This includes fashion shows, exhibitions at art galleries or museums, musical and theatrical performances, concerts and festivals, trade shows, conventions and sporting events. This places restrictions on the use of the images.

All vegan stock images offered by can be used editorially.

Editorial license summary:

  • Single use
  • Personal use
  • Editorial: Print, online, broadcast
  • In-house business editorial

The full terms of the editorial license are available here : PicFair Editorial License

Commercial License

The commercial license allows the image to be used in marketing and promotional content intended to promote a product or service, for example newsletters, email marketing, website backgrounds, social media ,brochures, leaflets, and promotional material.

However, note that the commercial license does not cover use of the image in advertising, display advertising, print advertising, broadcast advertising, and multi-channel advertising.

Because of legal issues around privacy, permission, and trademarks, images can only be used for commercial purposes if all recognisable people in the photograph are covered by a model release, any identifiable property or location is covered by a property release, and logos, brand names are used with permission.

Commercial license summary:

  • Advertorial, promoted & “sponsored by” content
  • Newsletters & email marketing
  • Website backgrounds & collateral
  • Social media
  • Social media advertising & promoted posts
  • Brochures & leaflets
  • All promotional materials

The full terms of the commercial license are available here: PicFair Commercial Licence


The advertising license allows images to be used in advertising (display advertising, print advertising, broadcast advertising, and multi-channel advertising), merchandising and retail packaging.

However, please note that the mage may not be used for merchandise in which the primary subject of the merchandise is the Image itself – for example: posters, canvases or wall art.

Advertising licenses cost 10x more than editorial and commercial.

Advertising license summary:

  • Single use or single campaign
  • Print advertising
  • Out-of-home advertising
  • Broadcast advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Multi-channel advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Retail product packaging
  • One time licence transfer

The full terms of the advertising license are available here: PicFair Advertising License