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I’m a freelance vegan photographer based in London offering photography services to vegan businesses, animal rights groups, charities and other organisations.

My vegan-themed stock images are designed to help new and independent vegan businesses create authentic content at low cost.

veganphotographer.uk is a not-for-profit project aiming to give back to the vegan and animal rights community – as such 100% of any proceeds made are donated to animal causes.


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I became vegan in 1980 as a pre-teen. In those days vegans were seen as cranks and I spent years, maybe decades, facing ridicule and antagonism from people, including from my own family.

Once I left home I started to get involved in local vegan, environmental and animal rights groups although I always felt disappointed, for example after a street outreach campaign I would feel that most people either ignored us or were outright hostile to our message.

I think I started to sense change in around 2007-2010. There started to be more vegan options available in supermarkets and food outlets. Non-vegans at work started to be more inquisitive about my lifestyle than mocking of it, although their primary motivation always seemed to be their own health.

Around that time my career became very demanding, and I stopped being involved in local groups as I became time poor. I decided that I would start trying to make veganism happen in other ways.

In 2014 I backed an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by A.U.M. Films & Media to help fund the promotion and distribution of a film that promised to expose the hypocrisy of environmental groups and campaigns in ignoring the devastating effects of animal agriculture on the planet, a subject that I felt very passionate about. That film was Cowspiracy, and the success of this film in convincing people to become vegan (I kept meeting people at events who cited that film as their final push to veganism) showed me the power of film and media. I went on to back further films, including Food Choices and The End of Meat.

And in 2017 I backed a film that promised to go further than Cowspiracy, bringing together further aspects of the vegan movement than just the environmental argument, but also issues around health, economics (once you look into the economics meat production you realise that it is totally uneconomic), and compassion.

That film is Eating Our Way To Extinction and I’m pleased to say that after many delays the film was finally released in Sept 2021 and I’m proud to be a co-executive producer of the film.

Because of my interest in fashion (inspired by a close friend who studied textile design) I have also backed several vegan fashion related crowd funding projects. A small selection of which includes MOHOP shoes, Mink Shoes, Bohempia Shoes, VE Cosmetics, LAIKA magazine.